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Hello my friend!

If you like what I do, it is likely that you will not refuse to receive a personal gift from me.
Yes, you can get something very pleasant for you :)

My shooting takes a lot of time and resources. Because of that, the only thing I ask in return is to support me. And of course, the best support measurement is in coins.

Let's agree that one Support Coin will be $25 worth Amazon eGift card. If you like something special for two coins then this means a $50 Amazon eGift card and so on.

You can get required number of Support Coins on my Amazon's Wish List:

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Email to receive your support:

Just choose what gif you want further:

Printed card with my 18+ image with personal signature for you

You can choose the hottest picture!

1 Support Coin

Printed calendar with twelve 18+ pictures with my personal signature

Every month a new hot picture with my signature looks at you!

2 Support Coins

Printed T-shirt with my picture personally for you

Just let me know your size.

3 Support Coins

Photo book containing my best pictures with a personal signature for you

My best photos taken by photographers from around the world in one book on glossy paper.

4 Support Coins

Video where I masturbate

Specially for my SG fans ;)

1 Support Coin

Video where I'm pissing on

Some fans love this ;)

1 Support Coin

My panties which I dressed on after masturbation and wear them after that

Just for my most loyal fans. Packed in a vacuum bag.

2 Support Coins

My wet panties which was little pissed up especially for you

If you really like it, I will do it for you and send in a vacuum packing.

2 Support Coins

Free bonus

Choose your gift and get a FREE bonus — unlimited member access to my site!
You will be able to see absolutely all of my 18+ images now and forever.

Obtain a required number of Support Coins right now:

Amazon Wishlist

Email to receive your support:

Please contact me via email after your purchase on Amazon to obtain your gift ;)

Thank you!